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Welcome to the great source of instructional material on DVD  for the experimental airplane builder!
You just can't learn everything from a book!

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Newest DVD Release: Fuel System Plumbing for experimental aircraft  Click Here

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 For RV-12 Build Videos: Empennage  Wings  Fuselage Finishing
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For Zenith CH750 (and CruZer) Build Videos,
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 For Amphibious FLOAT build videos: click here
Computer Tablets 101 for your Homebuilt Aircraft  Click Here


If you have decided to build your own aircraft, you have embarked on a glorious journey that only an infinitely small fraction of the human race can even fathom!

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Continental O200 Installation

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Stratux Receiver Link here

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The first 5 of the Zenith CH601XL

 Builder's series:

Building Your Zenith CH601XL/CH650

Wing Construction
$40.00 (free shipping - USA)

Horizontal Tail
$40.00 (free shipping - USA)

Fuselage Part 1
$40.00 (free shipping - USA)

Fuselage Part 2
$40.00 (free shipping - USA)

Fuselage Part 3
$40.00 (free shipping - USA)

601XL to 650 Canopy Conversion
$42.00 (free shipping - USA)

Metalworking101 with
Rudder Workshop

$29.00  (free shipping - USA)

Rotax 912 Installation
Tips & Techniques

$36.00  (free shipping - USA)

Weight & Balance101
for Homebuilts

$33.00  (free shipping - USA)



601XL Quick-build Tips & Techniques
$38.00 (free shipping - USA)



Electrical Wiring101
for your Homebuilt Aircraft

$25.00  (free shipping - USA)


How to License
your Homebuilt Aircraft

$30.00  (free shipping - USA)

Scratch Building Basics for Metal Aircraft
$39.00  (free shipping - USA)

Building a Glass Panel for homebuilt aircraft
$24.00  (free shipping - USA)

The "912" Competition
Alternate engine choices for your homebuilt (80-120 hp)
  (free shipping - USA)

Deep Inside your Rotax
 2 Cycle Engine

$35.00  (free shipping - USA)

Jabiru Engine Installation Seminar (Zenith CH 601XL)
$38.00  (free shipping - USA)


RV Rudder Workshop
$32.00 (free shipping - USA)


CH701 Builders Video Series

HomebuiltHELP has a complete library of build videos for the popular Zenith Aircraft CH701 kit plane.

Press HERE to check out the details of how you can purchase a series of step-by-step DVDs that make building the CH701 an even easier task - by watching an instructor every step of the way!

Link to: Zenith Aircraft Website
Link to:



Corvair College
A DVD showing what takes place
at William Wynne's unique workshop
where builders convert engines for aircraft

Beginner's Wood Aircraft Construction
$21.00 (free shipping - USA)

Jabiru 3300 - Rans S19 Installation
$39.00 (free shipping - USA)


Our library of video presentations will be growing in the future months, and we encourage you to check back frequently to become aware of our new offerings.  Please let us know if there are any subjects you wish to see us develop in the area of homebuilt construction training.  (

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